Breathable fiber

Freedom of barefoot

Automatic temperature controller

Natural antibacterial fiber

Outstanding antifouling

Animal & eco friendly fiber

Made of Wool

None says it is possible to make the shoes made of wool. Wool is said not strong enough for footwear. However, 20 years of experience in fabric and passion for making the most comfortable shoes allow to gain the patent on wool weaving. Experience the comfort of Le Mouton made of organic merino wool.

Shockingly flexible like tailored shoes

The shape of feet is different from one another just like facial features. But we all walk and run everyday wearing the stereotypical shoes that fit for one’s foot but not for others. Thanks to our patent, Le Mouton always conforms to your movement and keeps your feet in the most comfortable status just like tailored shoes.


Le Mouton is the shoes that you can wear without socks. With the Moccasin method, it does not stimulate and hurt your feet. With the antibacterial material, there is no risk of having smelly feet.

Fresh whenever you wear

Unlike the shoes made of synthetic fabrics, Le Mouton reduces the opportunity for odors to develop by quickly absorbing and evaporating sweat into the air and will freshen its condition. It has the auto temperature regulating function so keeps you feet cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Unbelievably Lightweight

Le Mouton is 50% lighter than normal sneakers in the market. After long walk , it does not stress on your feet, ankles and knees. Suit for a jogging and a running even in the gym.
(*The weight of 250mm one shoe is 156g.)

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